Aelmarsh (AYL-mar-sh)


Located in the middle of a dense swamp, Aelmarsh is a unique settlement. Originally a point of exile for criminals from all Cantin, Aelmarsh has developed an entirely unique culture. Laws are loose, and the people of the city are not always trustworthy. The city itself is built on large stilts that support the buildings in the deep swamp. Some areas are supported by solid ground, but much of the city sits above swamp. Buildings are shoddily built of wood and are often clustered into small groups that sometimes become one large building. Wooden planks and walkways that are held above the swamp by rope or are just propped up by the stilts connect the structures. As the city grows, crude expansions are built onto the existing city. The swamp itself is dense and confusing, and it protects the city from attack.


Many stolen materials make their way to Aelmarsh with the help of the thieves that live there. These parts and pieces are not as durable or as good as their newly crafted versions, but they come at a discount. They may be purchased from thieves and fences in the area.


The city has little government, as the person with the most power usually takes over as leader every few years, claiming the title of Bandit King. However, the Bandit King is always hostile to Vertisan efforts and laws.


The city of Aelmarsh began as a prison colony meant as an exile for the worst outlaws and thieves in Cantin. As time passed, the guards were no longer able to keep the colony peaceful, and they left. A strange and lawless settlement emerged, using the strength of its people and the swamp that surrounds it to defend itself during the Great War. People of ill-repute continue to flock to the city for sanctuary.