Arborel (AR-bore-el)


Arborel's infrastructure is built around and, primarily, in the trees. Large structures have been built high above the ground, using the trees as central beams to hold them. Some of the structures are built on top of stumps of fallen trees or carved into the trees themselves. The connections between structures are a vast network of bridges and nets between the higher houses, with a few ladders and stairs carved into the trees to access some larger community buildings on the ground. In general, the city doesn't have much physical defense, as the residential buildings are all raised off the ground. Buildings are mainly constructed from wood, leaves, and stretched hides from large monsters. The culture is rich in Suado heritage, and the people are trained to respect the monsters despite their hunting background. The people of Arborel use every part of the monster that they’ve captured, often creating headdresses, necklaces, and clothing from bone and hide alike.


The people of Arborel spent generations breeding plants that yield very specific qualities when consumed or mixed with other plants. As such, Arborel contains many rare plant species, including herbs and spices. These materials may be cooked into potions to form potent elixirs with unique effects.


A single elder individual, the Chieftain, serves as protector of the city. He serves as both a spiritual leader and an enforcer of the law. He has taken a vow of celibacy, and lives a life of seclusion in order to meditate on issues within his city. He desires solitude and peace for his city above all other things.


Arborel was a ground colony before the Great War. The people planted trees and plants and helped them to flourish. Then, when the fighting began, the people took to the giant trees that their ancestors had grown. They carved homes out of the trees, careful to preserve the life of the plants and to use each piece of wood. The society is symbiotic with nature and with the very trees that hold it in the air.