Players can accrue bounties through their negative actions. These actions include approved ingame reports (which will be applied at the next available opportunity), attacks on NPCs and other players, stealing from NPCs or other players and so on. Consensual combat between NPCs or other players does not add a bounty.

Bounties are essentially punishment for ingame crimes. The bounty itself is not the punishment, but instead it is the result of the bounty that is undesirable.

Players who have a bounty will have a red skull next to their in game name, both in chat and in the viewport. And will be able to see their own bounty timer on screen. Their name and general location will also be added to the bounty board that can be viewed in each city.

Players marked with a bounty are attackable by any players without the bountied player's consent.

Any bountied player who dies will lose all the items they are carrying, including the ones they are wearing. There is also a 20% chance for each essence they are carrying that it will be dropped upon the player whiting out.

Some NPCs will also refuse to do business with a player who has a bounty on their head.

The duration of the bounty is dependent on the offense where more severe offenses will have a longer bounty than less severe crimes. Crimes against other players are considered much more severe than crimes against NPCs. The bounty timer only depletes ingame. If a player logs out while they have a bounty, they will still have the remainder of their bounty when they log back in. Restoration centers are safe to bountied players, but the bounty timer will not count down while inside this safe area. To remove a bounty, a player must play though their bounty timer. Bounties are also removed upon death. If a player believes they have wrongly received a bounty, they can log out, or travel to a restoration center and contact a GM to have their bounty reviewed. If a player requests a review and they in fact did rightfully receive a bounty, an additional 1/3 of their existing bounty will be added to their head.