The map of Cantin. Fortress cities are outlined in blue, towns in yellow.

The region of Cantin is home the monsters and people of Prism. Cantin has very diverse geography thanks to the world merge.

There are a few particularly notable landmarks. The snowcovered Krell continent is also home to the source of crysal energy. The Krell inhabitants collect the crystals from the exposed bedrock in the south through a method that is both similar to farming and mining.

Cantin also houses two volcanos, however only the one on the Ashtar islands is active. The other in Vuel'Tek went dormant years ago, but it's eruption pushed the island's inhabitants from the old capital to the shore.

A small island exists in the farthest northeast corner of the explored world. This island has only been seen from far distances as it eminates a deep hum that often drives visitors away. This island is almost inaccessable as it is a floating island that reaches far into the clouds and beyond the flying capabailities all but the most powerful monsters. It is unknown what this island houses, but it is believed that it must be a great and powerful secret, else it wouldn't be so well protected.

Cantin is a fairly large land with notoriously unruly seas. Sailors and explorers have been sent out from the continent for decades, each boasting an advantage over the others. However, few have returned, and the ones that have can only speak tales of terrors unimaginable.