Durum Fall (DUR-um fal):


Durom Fall is a secretive and secluded city. The valley is separated from the rest of Cantin by tall mountains and forests so thick that, even in the presence of the brightest lanterns, darkness takes its time to leave, as it had become so settled there. The entrance into Durom Wood is marked by giant monuments carved into the mountainside on either side of the pass. Durom Wood is feared by the people of Cantin, and strange creatures are sometimes said to be seen lurking in the shadows. Beyond the wood lies the city. The city is built upon the side of a mountain. A great waterfall pours from the mountain into the center of the city, collecting in a large basin before flowing from the city in a river. The city very much resembles a castle. The walls of the city are medieval in appearance: made of brick, stone, and mortar. Large, cathedral-esque buildings litter the skyline alongside spires. The windows of each building are tall and thin, built for defense. Little is known of the politics of the city, as few have reached the city and even fewer have returned.


A mystical aura surrounds Durom Fall and Durom Wood. Supernatural forces seem to be at work both outside the city’s walls and within its borders. Once a player finds the source of the forces, they may be able to harness and use the forces to their advantage. Psychic monsters have been rumored to live in Durom Wood. They may be encountered there.


Durom Fall is led by a single man, Count Durom VII. He rarely shows himself to his own people, and there are many rumors as to how his family secured the rule of Durom Fall. His rule is strict and unforgiving. In Count Durom VII's absence, his son, Sir Durom VIII has taken over public relations. Due to its isolation, Durom Fall does not support nor deny Vertisan law.


Durom Fall did not participate in the Great War. It closed its gates to the world, and Durom Wood sprung up between the city and the rest of the world. Durom Fall now exists in extreme isolation. The people of Durom Fall are extremely superstitious, as strange happenings have been reported inside the depths of Durom Wood.