Hunter techniques are independent from the turn queue and monster speed. Players obtain these techniques through quests, shops, or the cash shop. Each technique has its own cool down time, but it can use at any time when its available even if it isn't the player's turn. Players have 3 slots available for hunter techniques. 2 are customizable, and 1 is designated to "stab". Techniques can be equiped to the HunterBracer from the inventory. During battle, the first two can be used, stab only becomes available once all monsters faint. When all available monsters faint, only stab can be used and no other hunter techniques. Stab would be equivalent to struggle in the pokemon games, and can only be used as a last ditch effort. During this time, there is a countdown. If the player successfully defeats the monster during this time they will gain a second life and will be able to loot the monster as normal, but will need to return to a restoration center or otherwise heal their monsters to be able to return to combat. If the player is not successful, they will be returned to their designated respawn.

Soon to come is a list of hunter techniques.