K'lat (kuh-LAT)


K’lat is a desert oasis which shelters one of the most robust and diverse markets in all of Cantin. Because of its location in the middle of the desert, on the trail to Vuel’tek, travellers often find it necessary to stop and trade for goods along the trail. A central source of water is in the middle of the city. The structures of the city are built primarily from a clay compound that is unique to the city. All other structures are made of quarried rock from distant lands. Because of the arid, hot, and sunny climate, cloths are often draped over windows and left hanging over buildings to shelter from the sun. The city is protected by a tall clay wall that shelters from hostile monsters and from the occasional sandstorm. One can see various small technological structures, such as vents, cooling devices, and the occasional hologram.


K’lat houses a vast marketplace in which most any item from the entirety of Cantin may be purchased from vendors, players, or at auction. Player-held shops are housed here. Because of its location, vendors and merchants of all races and locations pass through the city. This flow of merchants ensures a constant supply of new items for purchase.


K’lat is ruled by an extraordinarily rich merchant who has bought his power. He has named himself the King of K’lat. He rewards those who aid him with large rewards, but he severely punishes those who disobey. Being a talented merchant, he does not pick sides in any dispute. Instead, he plays all sides. However, because of its proximity to Vuel’Tek, K’lat owes a special allegiance to the city and to the Kyruk. The King is very welcoming to guests that are looking to buy his wares.


K’lat did not exist before the Great War. However, as more travelers stopped at the oasis in K’lat’s center during their journeys, more vendors set up shop to capitalize. Over time a city began to grow around the marketplace. Using the cover of the desert, the people of K’lat survived monster attacks to build a city designed for one purpose: profit.