Krell (krel)


Krell is an underground complex of tunnels and domes that is covered in snow and encased by glaciers year-round. The large, translucent domes of the city are the only surface structures. However, underneath the domes, there is a vast network of tunnels and gardens designed to maintain agriculture in the harsh northern climate. The underground city is insulated by the surrounding soil, and the domes serve as greenhouses, warming the tunnels beneath. The tunnels of the city are long and narrow passages, mostly rectangular in shape. The tunnels converge on centers of commerce and social activity, which are mainly directly under the domes. The city of Krell is heavy in Dagra heritage. The inhabitants of the city wear large Dagra pelts that cover most of their bodies. Because the city is primarily underground, it is protected from attack


Although far north, Krell maintains a thriving agricultural system through its use of greenhouse-like domes. Thus, underground gardens are used to grow food, flowers, and exotic plants that cannot be found elsewhere in Cantin. Individual small plots of garden may be purchased by players to grow a select few plants at a time from seeds collected elsewhere or purchased within the city. Because Krell is the center of Dagra culture, many Dagra relics and historical items are housed in small museums. In addition, Dagra items are sold throughout the city in shops and in homes.


Krell is governed by a single leader, The Krellin, from the royal blood-line. Krell’s leaders have been firm in their beliefs that traditional Dagra ideals and culture should be the focus of Krell society. Therefore, they are weary to allow outsiders into his city. This has led to the residents of Krell developing interest in what strange new travellers may bring from their adventures. Some inhabitants disagree with Krell’s socially and environmentally isolated way of life and live above ground in rock and snow structures.


Dagra heritage can be traced back to wandering nomads who lived in ice huts on the shore. Eventually, most Dagra people settled in large communities of above-ground structures. During the Great War, many of these structures and communities were destroyed. However, due to the underground nature of Krell, it has evolved very little from its pre-Great War self. It was able to thrive through the Great War through reinforcement of its tunnels and domes with steel and other metals. Shortly after the Grear War ended, crystal mines were discovered south of Krell. Crystal technology has been somewhat incorporated into the city, though most power is solar and steam based.