Lacushire (LAH-koo-shy-er):


Lacushire is defined by its lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. The large river that runs through the city serves as a source of food, water, and various other resources. It is the life of the city. The inhabitants of Lacushire are tribal in nature and perform activities in organized group format. The children of the city play in the shallow portions of the river while the women wash clothes in the water nearby. The men of the city work together to catch fish and hunt animals in order to provide food for the community.


Lacushire's landscape

The families live in large, communal houses, with a single building housing up to seven families. The city’s buildings are built from found materials. Much of the city is made of large and unshaped rocks and boulders, supporting carved stone buildings. The structure of the city is very much dictated by the topography of the area, integrating the natural features, such as water, trees, and rocks, into the city itself. The center of the city is a large area of commerce and worship, with several towering structures defined by their many layers. Lacushire is among the oldest Suado settlements, and, though it has adapted over time to better protect its people, its age shows in the grass growing from cracks in the tiled stone paths and in the cavities in the buildings. Many structures on the outskirts of the city have been damaged over time and have begun to be reclaimed by nature. Large trees grow from some of the older buildings, thriving on the rich minerals contained in the building materials.


The many lakes of lacushire afford players the ability to fish for unique freshwater fish. These fish, when consumed, provide special benefits to humans and monsters. Additionally, the people of Lacushire are at peace with nature, and will help to teach the player how to tame monsters.


Lacushire is ruled by a council of elders. Elders are chosen by the people of Lacushire for their abilities to communicate with nature and with monsters on a telepathic level. Council members are chosen in their elder years and serve until their deaths. The Council of Lacus desires no conflict and is neutral in almost all matters of government, except when it comes to harming monsters.


Lacushire is the oldest remaining settlement in Cantin. Its rivers and lakes provide water for all surrounding cities and towns. During the Great War, the people of Lacushire barricaded themselves into their strong stone buildings and attempted to communicate messages of peace to the monsters. The city was left alone.