Oceanis (oh-she-AN-is):


Oceanis is located on the northern coast of mainland Cantin and is a fishing and docking hub. It is well known for its fishing culture, and, in order to support that culture, many ships dock and sail from its ports each day. Shops line the piers of Oceanis, making them a main attraction. The buildings in the city are built of plaster, rock, mortar, and wood. The buildings are very traditional in style, bearing resemblance to iconic fishing villages of the past. Most of the structures are two stories and have old-fashioned gable rooftops. The salty winds of the sea have swept paint and color from the homes, allowing the wood panels to show through. Many of the residents are less than enthusiastic to be living such a manual lifestyle. The streets of the city are paved in cobblestone, and a lighthouse stands at the northernmost point of the city. Although the city is on the shore, there is little beach, with much of the coast being rocky. Dagra technology influences the city’s culture greatly. Stone walls protect the city from potential attacks.


Oceanis is a major fishing city, so players will be able to take to the coasts or charter boats to fish the waters. Fish are more plentiful in the waters surrounding Oceanis than anywhere else in Cantin, making it the prime fishing location on the continent. This has led to a strong economy of fishing supplies and bait that can catch special fish with special qualities when consumed.


There is a single leader of Oceanis, the Harbormaster. Originally a Dagra city, Oceanis has grown away from Dagra influence. As a result, the Harbormaster of Oceanis is less committed to Dagra values than the Krellin, and, as such, small conflicts have arisen between the two cities. The Harbormaster encourages trade with visitors within his city.


Oceanis was the first Dagra outpost on the mainland of Cantin. It has a long tradition of proud fisherman. During the Great War, many of the people of Oceanis took to their ships as houses and lived in small water colonies. The city did not fall, and the people returned after the war. Vertisa resents Oceanis’ lack of support during the great war, and this tension has led to disputes.