Cities will come under seige by monsters every so often. These are global events that all players are welcome to participate in. In general cities are safe from monsters, and a player can expect any monsters found in cities to be docile. However, when a city comes under seige, monster may potentially break through the cities defenses, and begin attacking players within the city.

When a city is about to come under seige, all currently in game players will be notified via the global channel. Notices will go out for a period of time before the seige actually begins. After the seige has begun, notices will go out periodically of the city's progress on the seige, and when it's ended.

Players are encouraged to participate in defending seiges since they are awarded 1.5x the amount of experience they are normally awarded for defeating monsters attacking the city. If a player has joined that city's militia , they will gain 2x the normal experience.

The level of monsters in the seige will be mostly mid-level monsters with some very high level monsters, and some low level monsters.

Seiges will end after a set amount of time. Monstes will stop spawning and once the remaining monsters have been defeated, the city will no longer be under attack.