: (VOOL-tek):


Vuel'Tek is a tropical city, bordering the beautiful southern ocean. Long docks stretch into the water, and small, makeshift boats fish in the area. The buildings are constructed from the resources in the area: wood, palm leaves, and animal skins. City defense is mostly limited to large wooden spikes stuck into the ground to form a wall. There are bones and skulls of defeated monsters lining this wall and hanging from the buildings. Because the city borders both the water and the jungle, it has taken two cultural identities. There are the fishermen and the hunters. These people rarely socialize outside of their own group, except during tribal meetings. Structures closer to the shore are small wooden huts, whereas the buildings closer to the jungle are larger wooden longhouses. Tribal buildings are sturdier and are made of laid rock and clay. Much of the city is only cleaned and repaired as necessary. The city is completely void of all technology and crystal power. The city’s inhabitants are the ancestors of the original Kyruk people.


Vuel’Tek is a city that allows for the creation of clothing and accessories from found objects and materials with the help of its skilled artisans. In addition, in line with the cultural heritages of the people, players may have tattoos applied to their body as well as body paint and face paint.


The government of Vuel’Tek is composed of two sets of tribal bodies. One body represents the fishermen and their wants, while the other represents the hunters and their wants. Each group is composed of well-respected members of the community. The two groups meet in the center of the town in a community building to discuss law and social matters. The two factions rarely agree, and the city is often in disagreement about world matters.


Vuel’Tek was originally two separate cities. One city rested by the sea, while the other sat in the dense jungle. The fishermen lived by the sea, completely separate from the hunters of the woods, until the Great War. The two cities merged as one by the ocean for mutual protection. Both original cities were destroyed.